[600 Error] CONGRATS!!! You're the next asshole in line trying to scrape my site or run pentests on it!

Your IP address [] and IP range is blocked permanently. Seriously, FUCK OFF!!! I have well over 2000 IP ranges blocked at this point, so the likelihood you're going to find a VPN that you can access my site for more than a few dozen requests is getting smaller and smaller.

I'm not the average website owner who doesn't know what the fuck he's doing. You guys ought to seriously consider quitting on this effort because it is simply pointless.

Whether you're from Russia, Ukraine, Poland, China, Germany/Netherlands and using a fucking TOR node and VPN service through ServerMania, I see your requests to my server, I can tell you this... You're not getting much out of all of your efforts, and whoever has the contract out to try and scrape my data, they already know the effort is worthless, but they keep it out there because they know some jagoff like you thinks they can get the job done.

So, here we are again. You're fucking trying to access my site to do stupid shit, and you're the next idiot in line they've suckered into trying to pull this off. Swallow your fucking pride, spread the word that you suck the big dick, and move on.